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Friday , 19 January 2018
Why Travellers Should Come to Norway

Why Travellers Should Come to Norway

Between Norway’s world-class mountainscapes, ancient history and Northern Lights, the country is a famous destination for travellers. Although you can spend a number of days talking about what you will have to do on your Norway travel, the following are some of the reasons to travel to this country.

It is One of the World’s Happiest Places

In the 2013 World Happiness Report of the United Nation, Norway was second. This is supported by the Prosperity Index of Legatum Institute which ranked the country as The 2013 Happiest Countries in the World for the fifth consecutive years. Holidays are about feeling great so you might want to start planning a travel to this happy nation.

Trolltunga Makes You Feel Like Royalty

Trolltunga is a rock piece that juts out of a mountainside about 2,300 feet above the Ringedalsvatnet lake. With views throughout the crystal blue lakes and rolling mountains, it is possible for you to climb on top of the rock. Some visitors here even sit with their legs dangling off the edge. Undoubtedly, this geological treasure is Norway’s remarkable scenic cliffs.


The Crime in the Country is Low

As a Norway traveller, there is no need for you to fret about frequent crime. Reports say that the country has a low crime level when compared with other European countries that have big populations.

Be Able to Visit a Very Old City

Trondheim is Norway’s oldest main city. It has heritage that can be traced back in the Nidaros Cathedral, Northern Europe’s second biggest church. From 997-1217, Trondheim was Norway’s acting capital and seat a line of Vikings kings.

Visit a Very Old City

Kjeragbolten is Something Extraordinaire

Kjeragbolten serves as a boulder that positioned between the Kjerag mountain. Situated in Rogaland, it makes for a great opportunity to take pictures whether you are standing, jumping or hanging on for life on it.

Tur til Ryfylke,  Preikestolen og Kjerag,  04. jul. 01 - 07. jul. 01. Preikestolen 05. jul.01.  Kjerag 06.jul.01. Kjeragbolten .


These long and narrow inlets are flanked by steep cliffs. They were made by glacial erosions. Nowadays, locations such as Geirangerfjord and Romsdalsfjord offer a fairytale-like scene. A lot of fjords in Norway are listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Watch the Sunrise at Midnight

In the northern part of Norway, travellers can witness a midnight sun in the summer. This natural phenomenon involves the visibility of the sun for 24 hours. This leaves visitors more daytime hours for climbing, exploring and boating.

Midnight Sun

Take part in Northern Lights Tour

Norway’s northern part is regarded as one of the world’s best destinations to have a view of the northern lights. These lights or the aurora borealis are quite frequent in winter and late autumn. This mystical sight should be one of the main reasons to plan a travel to Norway soon.

Polar Bear Spotting

This does not involve zoos. The Svalbard Islands is home to wild polar bears that visitors can watch. This is situated in the Arctic Ocean, just halfway between the North Pole and Norway.

For sure, there are other reasons a traveller should visit Norway. Information about what to do and see in Norway is available online especially at Uniktour voyage Norvège.

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