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Monday , 19 February 2018

Vince Pettinelli- Making Music Performances Memorable!

Music conductors are the life- line of any orchestra. They are the ones that make or break a musical performance. They are not only responsible for the success and popularity of their performances but they should be positive role models for their band members as well. In the USA, there is one music conductor and leader who is not only known for his excellent music performances but also for being one of the most motivating and inspiring music conductors for his band. His name is Vince Pettinelli.

Vince Pettinelli and his team of the finest musicians in the world perform music shows for public and private social functions.  They entertain people of all ages. They perform in a wide range of music styles ranging from classical to big band pop hits. Today, they are the first choice for private and public social functions. They have the zeal and ability to entertain people of all ages. They play popular classical and pop hits with so much of energy the audience gets totaled swayed and involved. Vince and his band of dedicated musicians love music and their passion for it is displayed in the numbers that they play.

Vince is more than a music conductor to his group members. He is the learned and respected teacher as well. His group has claimed that they are very fortunate and blessed to be under his guidance. He painstakingly takes efforts to work with them on their flaws. He is the trusted mentor whom they can approach when they are not confident on playing a specific music score. Vince will sit with them and work on their flaws till they are confident to play it. He also gives them constant tips on how to improve their performance and this is why he is deeply loved and respected by each one of his group members.

Like a good teacher, Vince makes every effort to help his group members reach the finest potential of their ability. He is considered to be one of the finest music teachers in the USA today. He is a compassionate and patient teacher always helping his students reach the best of their musical talent. Vince practices each musical performance with his group till they are perfect with the rendition. He says that he enjoys every moment and minute of his performances with his group- this is indeed evident when they play on stage!

Vince Pettinelli also has a very good rapport with every member of his group. When he is performing at any function, he will always make a plan and share it with his group members.  When he is conducting his show, he will stand on the platform in such a way that he is visible to every member of the group. This helps them play the right notes. The orchestra also stays in alignment in this way. Vince makes sure that each player starts and stops at the right time. He is a master at making every musical performance of his band excellent and this is the reason why they are widely sought after not only in the USA but across the globe too!

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