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Monday , 19 February 2018
Tips to Save on your Car Service: Cost-saving Options that Involve Smart Technical Aspects

Tips to Save on your Car Service: Cost-saving Options that Involve Smart Technical Aspects

If you own a car, then you definitely need to go for an authentic and certified car service station. But often, many people are duped by immoral service agents, who extract huge amount of money just for repairing and servicing small parts. If you want to save money on a monthly or half-yearly car service, then you must avail the company discount offers, take your car to an authorized service center and follow some other guidelines given below, to get car service at a reasonable price.

Take the help of your smartphone

Most modern cars come with on-board diagnostics to help you keep track of critical issues with your vehicle. However, these diagnostic tools can often be too late in alerting you of a critical problem, thus being redundant in helping you save money. A better way to keep track of your vehicle’s health is your smartphone, and the access it gives to a world of apps. There are several apps out there that can help you detect problems with your car early, make sense of those flashing lights and beeps, and most importantly, help you diagnose the exact problem. Smartphone applications can also help you to track the right service center that can come to your help.

If you want to do it yourself

  • Now, there are two factions to this approach- one that says most car problems can be fixed on your own with the right tools and a lot of knowledge and second that says a car must always be taken to a specialist. Adopt the middle ground here.
  • Tasks such as changing the oil or the air filters don’t take much time, effort, or knowledge. Read your car’s manual, get a good car maintenance book, and start learning. You can easily save a lot of bucks by simply changing oil on your own, or replacing the air filters the DIY way.
  • Brakes, changing brake shoes and brake oil, and examining the tire can be done only by the specialists. However, you can check the tire pressure for inflation or a deflation.

However, make sure that you are confident of handling slightly complex projects otherwise the entire initiative can backfire and you lose more money.

Check the essentials regularly

In order to save on your car service, it is important that you keep a check on your essentials periodically. This includes your oil, which should be changed in accordance with the car’s manual; your batteries, which should be topped up regularly if needed, and replaced every 3-4 years; your tyres for wear and tear, and proper air level; and checking your brake fluid and maintaining its optimum level.

  1. Shop around a bit

Ok, this is more common sense than practical knowledge, but still, most people forget to do it. When looking for car service, don’t settle for your neighborhood mechanic. Shop around and look for bargains. Often times, service stations give discounts on memberships during lean seasons. Regarding the spare parts, the accessories, the special coupons and the price slash during the monsoons, you can check once through different websites to understand how to save on your overall car service expenditure.

  1. Knowledge is power

Get yourself educated on how many different repairs should ideally cost. A 10-20% difference in costs is understandable. However, if the bill is way above the estimate you were originally given, you should smell a rat. Don’t be afraid to ask for the disputes and if you want to save on cost, you can also exchange old parts and adjust the new price accordingly. It is also advisable to ask for your old parts before the car goes in for service. You could sell the old parts to a junkyard, which could bring down your car service bill even further.

If you are going to service your car! These are the handy tips that will surely helpful to you and your car. Visit this link for more guidelines.

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