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Friday , 23 February 2018
The Importance Of Consuming Dianabol PCT Post The Dianabol Cycle

The Importance Of Consuming Dianabol PCT Post The Dianabol Cycle

Dianabol is a performance enhancing drug that is commonly used to build strength and mass within a short period of time. After consuming the drug over the prescribed period of time, it is advisable to opt for a post cycle treatment in order to counter its negative effects.

Effects of Dianabol

Frequent usage of Dianabol upsets the hormonal balance of body, often causing serious side effects. The drug which is commonly known as ‘Dbol’ synthesizes protein which in turn increases strength and leads to muscle growth. However, the drug functions effectively in the body with the help of a substance that may be harmful to the liver. In many cases, the excessive and frequent consumption of the drug may also cause baldness, mood swings, decreased hood cholesterol levels and increased bad cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and many similar problems.

Many men and athletes who consume the drug over considerable periods of time also report breast tissue development which is caused by decreased testosterone and increased estrogen levels. It may also lead to other issues like decreased interest in sex or erectile dysfunction in many cases.

Dianabol PCT

The post cycle therapy helps the body to recover from the negative effects of Dianabol and consumption of various other types of steroids. It helps to minimize the various kinds of side effects that may be caused due to consumption of Dianabol over a considerable period of time. Post-cycle Dianabol regimen is usually adopted after completion of successive cycles involving Dianabol consumption. A typical cycle involves consuming the recommended dosage of the steroid for several weeks and then stopping the consumption for a certain period of time.

Dianabol PCT is consumed after the completion of one cycle of consumption of the drug. The PCT helps in restoring the hormonal balance within the body. It balances the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body thereby preventing the formation of breast tissue in males and also treats other types of hormonal imbalances.

Factors to consider while taking Dianabol PCT

  • The PCT is taken after completion of a Dianabol consumption cycle and is often paired with aromatase inhibitors.
  • Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators may also be used along with PCT medication.
  • Other types of supplements that minimize the side effects caused by Dianabol may also be taken.
  • For a Dianabol cycle lasting six weeks, a PCT cycle of four weeks is usually recommended.

Dianabol is considered an effective performance enhancing steroid. Its side effects can be minimized by consuming Dianabol PCT for a certain period post the consumption of Dianabol.

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