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Friday , 23 February 2018
Seek solace and comfort from your sadness in quotes

Seek solace and comfort from your sadness in quotes

Quotes and sayings are inspiring and motivating but at the same time they can be comforting too. If you’ve had the experience of going through quotes written or said by great philosophers of the yesteryears you’ll know how inspiring and influencing they can be. As said earlier these very quotes  can be comforting too, especially a sad quote like “never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours”  can provide you the much needed comfort and warmth in testing times. Couples who have just broken up can find solace in sadness quotes like these and look ahead in life with a bright and positive perspective.

It is no secret that breakups indeed can be quite difficult to handle and if you were quite emotionally involved in the relationship then breaking up is going to be even more difficult for obvious reasons. People involved might end up feeling sad and depressed and lonely but at times like these it is these very quote and sayings related to sadness, that can help them get plucky and gear up for what lies ahead in life. One thing is clear, sadness can affect anyone and everyone. Often people who get depressed and sad get further upset thinking why it was them in particular who has to endure the suffering and depression. Well, truth be told we all have our certain problems and difficulties in life that trouble us from time to time. If we can learn to keep these in control and not let them affect our mindset and mood then it’s going to reap us rewards in the future. However, if we let these very emotions dominate our thinking and attitude then life can get quite difficult ahead.

It is easier said than done, indeed. However to maintain a positive attitude and right mindset it is vital that we understand our humane requirement to seek solace and comfort. This need not necessarily come from our near and dear ones, it can come from anyone at any time. Quite often it is pieces of literature that comfort and soothe people’s pain and suffering. This is where sadness related quotes come in quite handy for people who are sad or feeling low. You might not realise its true potential until and unless you’ve been in the situation and felt how it is to be comforted through wise words that have a lot of wisdom in it. So now it is up to the reader whether to go for the wisdom and positivity in these quotes and sayings or to continue suffering. The choice is quite obvious to make.

Quotes and sayings can be even more helpful if you can immediately co-relate your situation to what it portrays. This will help you feel it much better and look through the perspective of the writer. One should never really ignore the power hidden in pieces of literature like a sad quote or a meaningful narration, especially if it can soothe your suffering and make the going get easier for one, no matter how adverse the circumstances are.

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