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Friday , 23 February 2018
Samsung Note 4: The beast from Galaxy Series

Samsung Note 4: The beast from Galaxy Series

The war in the Android smartphone market is leading to the new and smarter Android devices. Since couple of years, Samsung grabbed the first position after Apple in the smartphone market and since then it is following its path and launching very good devices and Samsung Note 4 is one of them, that belongs to the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Samsung has powered the Note 4 with the 3220 mAh battery, although there was 3200 mAh in Note 3. But still it is energy efficient. Most energy devouring, of course, the screen, so it is always necessary to limit the light. The maximum brightness is not necessary in most cases. When installing applications PayPal to make purchases through the fingerprint scanner, confronted with the fact that this application starts furiously to eat for the rest of the energy. So, we have a 60 percent per night charge is stolen in the program. It lies in the fact that the smartphone is quite successfully continues to eat the battery capacity even in sleep mode. During the night the device can nowhere to spend about 30 percent of the charge. The conclusion is that bought a smartphone – use it to the fullest. In standby mode to save on charging is not possible – the device is fully charged will eat the whole two days.

Officially stated that Note 4 has fast charging mode (Fast Charging – Adaptive Fast Charging & QC2.0), whereby the device for 30 minutes can be recharged to 50 percent. Adapter 5V, 2A (not supplied) smartphone has reached this threshold only in the 47th minute. Fully charging the unit for about two hours and it is very fast. Before connecting to the power supply, we will not switch the device mode ultra-low power consumption. Ultra Power Saving mode is branded chip program with which we have already encountered in the Galaxy Alpha and S5. When you activate the settings of the smartphone turns into a simple black-and-white dialer. Disables all wireless communications and remain active only a few tools, a list of which can be configured in advance. Even on the battery barely alive in such a scenario, you can stay on the connection is still quite a long time from several hours to several days.

If we approach the issue of energy savings without fanaticism, we can use a simple power-saving mode. The latter will have access to all the functionality of the device, except that the screen becomes gray. In this mode, the screen AMOLED-based matrices consume significantly less energy. We think it will add a few more hours of life on the rest of the smartphone battery.

New Korean smartphone is good with almost all sides. Maximum performance, excellent camera, beautiful and nice display – are the best. In addition, it is equipped with all possible sensors and sensors. Note 4 – can be safely called the most technologically featured mobile device this year. And Now Samsung is readying the Galaxy Note 5 to be the 2015’s verdict.

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