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Friday , 23 February 2018
The Perfect Steroid Cycle And The Diet Plan For The Best Results

The Perfect Steroid Cycle And The Diet Plan For The Best Results

All those who are into body building understand very well that it is very difficult to make a good and an attractive body. You need to work hard and consume the right kind of diet for the best results. But along with this you also need to intake a few supplements with the help of which the process of body building will speed up and give the right appearance. One such supplement that can also be labeled as a steroid is the Dianabol. This is very useful with the aim to achieve a bulky and a smart body. There are a number of steroids that you can buy but this one is the best and gives fast and easy results. This steroid was also very famous in the 1990’s. A number of popular athletes used to use it with the aim of giving the best performance.

Let us now have a look at the cycle of this steroid:

Cycle 1
For the first 1 to 6 weeks you can intake 30 mg of Dianabol on a daily basis

Cycle 2
For the first 1to5 weeks you can take 25 mg of Dianabol and about 42 mg Trenbolone on a daily basis and by the 6 to 8the week you can intake 42 mg Trenbolone on a daily basis

Cycle 3
For the first Week you can intake 1-5: 40 mg of Dianabol and 500 mg of Test E on a daily basis and in the 6th week you can consume 500 mg Test E on a daily basis

Cycle 4
For the 1to the 6the week you can consume  25 mg of Dianabol and 50 mg of Proviron regularly

Cycle 5
For the first 1 to5 week consume 30 mg of Dianabol and 400 mg of Trenbolone on a daily basis along with 500 mg of Test E every week.

In the 6 to 8 week the consumption should be up to 400 mg Trenbolone regularly along with 500 mg Test E each and every week 9 to15 about 500 mg Test E each week is recommended.

Along with the intake of the right quantity of this drug you also have to make sure that you intake the right diet. The steroid will be able to do any good to you if you eat the right food in the right quantity. Make sure that you eat a protein rich diet. Because the food that you will eat will convert into the energy and body building substances. One thing is for sure with this cycle and diet plan that you are able to benefit and gain the right results. You body is sure to give the right and the desired look. You can buy this steroid from the online website. You can search for it and place an order and just within a few days the steroid will reach to you.

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