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Friday , 23 February 2018
A few paneer dishes that you need to try out once

A few paneer dishes that you need to try out once

One of the most delicious Indian dishes that you can have is paneer dishes. Paneer dishes are a rage in most vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian households. They go well with almost anything and everything- may it be roti or rice or pulao. All you need to do is to know a couple of paneer preparations so that you can make them whenever you feel like having paneer.

So, if you want to know what are some of the most easy to make but delicious to taste paneer dishes are that you can whip up at your home in a jiffy, then here is a list of dishes that you can definitely try out:

  1. Kadai paneer: This is a classic favourite of all those who simply love to have paneer. Made with thick and rich gravy, kadai paneer goes really well with rice and roti. You can easily make this dish at home and is perfect for entertaining some guests. If you want to try out a paneer dish that brings about the real flavour of paneer, then this is something that you should really try out.
  2. Paneer butter masala: When it comes to enjoying a rich and creamy paneer dish, cooked in dollops of butter, this is the perfect option for you. This dish is best enjoyed with pulao or vegetarian biriyani. Cream and butter infuse a different flavour altogether to the dish which makes is a favourite of all those who have tried it at least once. Well if you want to make a rich paneer dish at home, then you can give this dish a shot, since this is pretty simple to make and delicious to enjoy!
  3. Kaju paneer: A very famous combination is that of kaju and paneer. In fact when you want to make a rich paneer dish, you cannot help but use kaju. Now if you really want to taste something super rich and awesome with nice and thick gravy, then you have to try out kaju paneer once. In case of any doubts you can refer to kaju paneer recipe in hindi in order to make sure that you have covered all the important details that are necessary in order to produce the perfectly cooked kaju paneer dish.
  4. Matar paneer: Fairly light and simple, matar paneer is a regular household dish of those who love to eat paneer. It is good for daily consumption since it is lighter than most of the other paneer dishes. So if you are looking for something that you can cook from time to time for your regular family dinner, you can give this dish a shot.
  5. Paneer MakhniBiriyani: Well, if you are extremely fond of biriyani and love a good helping of paneer as well, then you can mix and match the dishes to produce a paneer makhnibiriyani, which is another dish that you can serve for your guests!

While some recipes are light, some are quite rich- whatever it might be, when it comes to these paneer dishes, they will surely give you a great gastronomic pleasure!

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