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Friday , 23 February 2018
Lost in the Chasm of Italy – Tips to Make the most of Your Holiday

Lost in the Chasm of Italy – Tips to Make the most of Your Holiday

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries of the world where most tourists love to visit and the locals love to stay because this country is rich with culture, heritage, delicious cuisines, and an ancient history. Fondly nicknamed as “The Boot of Europe”, this country never skips a chance to overwhelm you with its beauty and charm.

This eternal country is full of museums, ancient beautiful statues, and fascinating sites. To get detailed information on the country and travel guides, you are advised to visit

Cities to Visit in Italy

  • Venice – This city is famous for its small islands connected together by appealing bridges over the canals. The main aim coming to this city is to explore this charming ancient city and get lost in its atmosphere.


  • Florence – A novel and exotic art city which is the birthplace of the famous Renaissance is filled with museums which have the masterpieces of famous artists of all times.


  • Rome – The capital city of Italy has never ceased to amaze its visitors with the remnants of the vast and powerful Roman Empire. The famous wonder of the ancient world like the Collosseum is one such example.

These three cities give their visitors the synopsis of Italy but they are not the only ones to visit. The list is too long, but some of the other well known and equally beautiful cities are Milan, Pisa, Naples, Siena, Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, and many more.

Advice for Dining

Italians are food lovers and it can easily be said that Italy is the Food capital of the world. People who are passionate about food and prepare it with love, these cuisines are sure to soothe their taste buds.

  • The Italians recipes are simple yet filled with rich ingredients and fresh herbs. Apart from this, visitors must eat the delicious and fresh made Eat gelato in Italy. The signs with names of produzione propria will help visitors look for the right shop to eat Gelato.
  • You are advised to order the aromatic un caffe (coffee) and a famous roman specialty pasta known as Cacio e pepe.

food lovers

  • Wine is acceptable drink with a meal and beers are only appreciated with pizzas.
  • Purchasing bread, olives, and fruits from the alimentary and having a nice picnic are one of the best ways to enjoy Italy’s regional foods.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Never eat eggs in breakfast as Italians prefer to eat hard boiled eggs in lunch or an omelet in dinner.
  • The best drink to have in breakfast is a Black Expresso. Never order a cappuccino in the morning.
  • One is advised to peel their fruits before eating because it is the tradition in Italy to eat neatly peeled and sliced fruits and vegetables.
  • Italians are very friendly and open people and they dislike arrogance or rudeness on the part of their tourists.

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