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Friday , 19 January 2018
 Know ways to mimic the steroid effects!!

 Know ways to mimic the steroid effects!!

Winny V is the most popular steroid taken by the bodybuilders during their cutting cycle. This is the nick name for the brand Winstrol. This steroid has stanozolol as an active ingredient. This is considered as a drug for cutting. A number of users contradict with its use during a bulking cycle. This is because it has a low contribution in a bulking cycle. It is suggested that the users must take Winny V in the lowest possible dosage, so as to reduce the SHBG. This is the most efficient drug for lowering the hormone in comparison to the other steroids.

There are several side effects associated with the intake of Winny V or any other form of the drug winstrol. But, the users can make use of the supplements that mimic this steroids effects and ensure them with a healthy life. Most of the users tend to buy this steroid from the large pharmaceutical companies as well as the underground labs. Winny V is an oral compound. The intake of this compound puts huge stress on the liver. The most important point to be noted  is that the hepatotoxicity provided with its intake is worse when compared with other anabolic steroids.

Effects of Winny V:

  • The intake of the Winny V during a bulking cycle may cause severe problems to its users. This is because it is considered as the heaviest period according to the dosage and toxicity.
  • This has the potential to cause cardiac hypertrophy on being taken in lower dosage
  • It can affect the levels of good or bad cholesterol.

The users of winstrol are suggested to limit its intake in its liquid or oral form during their period of pre contest or cutting cycle. The users must not take this for more than 6 weeks. They must keep in mind the toxicity effect of the drug on the liver. IT has been reported that some of the users of this steroid who have taken it for a period of 12 weeks have not gone through any problem. This is because the reaction of every steroid is different on the body of every user.

Reviews of the users:

Some of the users of Winny V have reported that there is an issue of pain after injection and also that there are no other noticeable problems at large. Also on checking the medical journals of this steroid, there is no report discovered for its side effects though there are numerous contradictions on the intake of this steroid. It is believed that several other products that have been derived of dihydrotestosterone may produce more efficient results.

Winny V cycles for women:

The women used to take 5-10mg of this steroid every day. The recommended dosage is around 5 to 15mg in a day. Also, it is considered enough to have an injection of 100mg a day. The bodybuilders looking for good effects can also stack it with other substances or supplements that mimic this steroid. Some of the users have reported huge muscle gains on the intake of this steroid.

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