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Friday , 23 February 2018

An Inspirational Hotelier & Role Model

The Pan Pacific Hotel Group is one of most prominent luxury hotel groups in the world today. This luxury hotel chain is a beneficiary of a number of international awards for hospitality in addition to service excellence. Guests enjoying revisiting this hotel group as the establishment give them a homely ambiance away from home. Today, this prominent luxury hotel chain has twelve locations around the globe.

The face behind the success of the hotel chain

The individual whose immense contribution is a catalyst behind success of this prominent luxury hotel group is Patrick Imbardelli. He played a critical role in propelling this luxury hotel chain to fame in the international arena. Many industry experts admire him for exemplary business acumen and leadership skills besides considering him a visionary who changed the international hospitality industry in many ways.  This is the reason why he is most sought-after by many in the hospitality industry in additional to being a prominent role model for aspirants who want to make their mark in this highly competitive environment in both the American and International hospitality industry.

Mr. Imbardelli has 30 years of valuable experience in the hotel management industry and is a keen business analyst. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to implementing his business development plans that were a catalyst in the growth, development and success of The Pan Pacific Hotel Group in the international arena. While he has an eye for perfection in all his endeavors, he goes to great lengths in guiding and advising his subordinates, peers and employees in an affable manner.

Working Environment in a hotel

He explains the working in hotel management industry is a very rewarding, challenging and exciting work place but an aspirant need be prepared to work hard by putting it in extra hours and handling its pressures. However, he clarifies that it is only through years of experience, skill and practice that a person who want to make a career in this industry can excel. He further emphasizes that he/she should be ready to assist the guests at all times with a smiling face. The key to success in the hospitality industry for any aspirant is to be open in addition to being flexible. Moreover, when it comes to be being a leader a team leader and organizing a group of people, he will never shy away from leading from the front by example.

Dealing with pressure situations

He elucidates `that when it comes handling pressure situations and overcoming obstacles in the hotel industry, it is imperative for any aspirant to be prepared rather than panic. Although, he does admit such incumbents can learn certain essential skills that are necessary for this industry through practice and training.  This is the reason why his staff, peers and aspirants love to learn from his thirty years of experience in the industry.

When he has spare time, Patrick Imbardelli loves to involve himself in charity especially for the welfare of poor underprivileged children.

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