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Monday , 19 February 2018
Important aspects of the Protective Double Glaze Windows

Important aspects of the Protective Double Glaze Windows

Windows are the reflection of a house. If you are staying in a country that calls for the house settings and frames then you should go for the frames that are durable and can protect you from the gusty winds. Double glaze windowsare also known as double panes and in this the two glasses are conjoined and are separated with a vacuum that is filled with a gas. This is done to reduce the amount of heat transferred.

What are the technical aspects of Double glaze windows?

Commercially, in most of the cases the thickness of the glass you get commonly in the market may range from 3 mm to 10 mm. For the special applications, the later range of 10mm thickness is used. In the field of construction, the tampered and laminated glasses are put under the commercial usage category. In most of the manufacturing units, the glasses manufactured at a single point of time are produced with the same measure of thickness. There is also the special business requirements in case of glass manufacturing, for instance there are special applications like where acoustics and security features are the prime requirements. For such fields, the Double glaze windowsare produced with variable units of thickness.

Tracing the origin from storm windows

Tracing the origin from storm windows!    

The glazing technique used here is called insulated technique and it dates back to the times of the older techniques like storm windows and double-hung windows. The double hung windows that were originally used had a single glass pane which was used to separate the exterior and interior spaces.

Why are the spacers used in Double glaze windows?

Spacers are used to separate the glass panes. In a glass system that is primarily insulated, a spacer is used to keep the two glass panes separated from each other, and make the gas between the two panes sealed. The metal spacers are used for conducting the heat. Mainly the spacers are made of metal and fiber materials. These materials are used to bring down and minimize the flow of heat in the Double glaze windowspanes.

The water or ice, both of them is sealed at the bottom of the glasses which are sealed. Structural foam is another material that is used to insulate the glass panes. This material is used because it conducts lesser amount of heat as compared to other insulating materials used. is the insulating material is actually said to increase the thermal performance of these window panes.

How the Double glaze windows are constructed?

  • Factory requirements are the prime factors which decide the production of Double glaze windows.
  • Though there is also the manufacturing process done according to the standard units also. The dimensions which are related to height and width are also a consideration in the manufacturing procedure adopted.
  • All the related dimensions are provided to the manufacturer well in advance. A desiccant is employed in the manufacturing process and the panes of the glasses are cut and then the panes are given an appropriate size and shape as per the requirements.
  • In order to seal the sides of glasses, an adhesive is used which works as a sealant and then the glass panes are forcefully pressed together.

What is the thermal performance of the Double glaze windows?

If we go by the thermal conduction involved, the Double glaze windowsare a hit. The thickness of the space between the two glasses is what decides the thermal insulation quality. There may be variable thickness between the two panes according to which they find their applicability.

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