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Friday , 23 February 2018
How to Judge the Quality of Your Pearl Necklace?

How to Judge the Quality of Your Pearl Necklace?

You have found a pearl necklace in the showroom which was quite appealing to your senses. You are ready to pay any amount in order to make it yours. Wait; there are certain things you need to confirm before you buy the necklace. It is important to judge the quality of the pearls before paying for them. The cost can be quite high and you don’t want to lose your hard earned money. There are certain factors that determine the quality of the pearl

Factors Determining the Quality of the Pearls

  • Shape

Round pearls are most rare and the most precious too. In many cases, the round ones are false. So you will have to check for the other factors in order to determine if the pearl is real. Apart from them, the oval shaped pearls which are well formed can also be purchased because they are also quite prized. They have their own show.

  • Color

Cultured and natural pearls are available in a wide color pallet. Hues can be yellow, orange, pink, blue and violet. The colors are muted when the quality is superior.

  • Size

Size is not much related to quality but when other factors are in proper order then the bigger the pearl, the more will be the value. So make sure to check the other factors and then pay according to the size of the pearls used in the necklace.

  • Luster

Luster is the most important thing while purchasing pearl. The reflection will be really bright when the luster is good. It will be distinct. In case the reflection is dim and defused the quality is not good enough.

Next time when you purchase your favourite pearl necklace, check for the mentioned factors. You can be the judge of quality and that would determine if you are paying the right price for the right item.

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