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Friday , 23 February 2018

GarciniaCambogia: Weight loss or Myth?

GarciniaCambogia is a petite tiny purple colored, pumpkin-shaped fruit, which is found in Southeast Asia and India. It was being used for cooking, historically. However, the weight loss aspect has been added to it recently. The core or potent ingredient which makes it highly effective is hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This drug contains around 60% of HCA. This acid is not present in the fruit itself, but in the peel or skin of the fruit.

How does it work?

Hydroxycitric acid acts as an inhibitor for the enzyme adenosine triphosphate (ATP) citrate lyase. ATP citrate lyase is an important enzyme in the fatty acid synthesis pathway. It leads to the production of acetyl-CoA, which acts as intermediate in lipogenesis. The reaction even involves the hydrolysis of ATP, thus helping in dissipating energy. The enzyme is activated in the presence of insulin. So by blocking this enzyme, Garcinia directly influence the lipid profile of the body, improves cholesterol levels, even slows down carbohydrate absorption and digestion and provide some health benefits like reducing fat content (1-2 lbs on an average), regulating or suppressing appetite, and amplifying exercise endurance, reducing joint discomfort, controlling severe diarrhea, surging bowel movements, improve treating worms in the body.

The mechanism of action of Garcinia has been studied in animal models, however detailed experiments with human subjects are still pending. The data accumulated till now is not very consistent and reliable, more studies are required to be executed.

Garcinia Dosage and Safety

According to a range of qualitative experiments and scientific proof (including animal model studies and human body analysis), up to 2,800 mg of HCA per day is a pretty optimized and safe dose for consumption. The course ranges from 2 to 12 weeks, according to the needs and desires of the users. There are around 14 HCA-containing products in the market, sold in a retail manner. It is important to note that Garcinia does not only consist of HCA but other add-ons too, to make it safe and act as a whole supplement. It is always recommended to read the label instructions for references concerning dose for a nontoxic use. There is no such thing that higher dose will lead to better results, so one must not get lured.

The HCA component of Garcinia may interact with other drugs or medications like few serotonin based anti-depressants. There are no interactions reported as such with any food or another supplement. It is advised that patients with diabetes and liver diseases should abstain themselves from taking this drug. Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should consult their pediatrician before taking this drug.


There are few mild effects of Garcinia like becoming incoherent or weak, experiencing headaches, lethargy and brain fog. There are trivial skin rashes, lowered immune function, increased chances of getting infections and cold, dry mouth. Some digestive problems like vomiting, indigestion, acidity and diarrhea can also be observed. In severe cases, there are high chances of liver toxicity and damage. So Garcinia does provide some health benefits, but a lot more is needed to be verified before the user becomes more profound.

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