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Friday , 19 January 2018
Ensuring a Smooth Transition Professionally

Ensuring a Smooth Transition Professionally

Military people are always addressed with a lot of respect all the times, because of the kind of sacrifice these people make. They not only always put their lives at risk for the sake of protecting the civilians, but also give up on all their favorite things by living under harsh and tension filled conditions. While they are at the militia they struggle, and when they decide to go back to the civilian way of life; even then they have to struggle, in terms of finding a job and ways of maintaining the daily living.

Most military officials find the task of ‘transition’, as they call it, rather daunting and tiring; but Aaron Michael Hartfield never faced any difficulty in the process, and in fact, is doing very well in his present position of an account executive, at a very reputed organization. He served in the military as a heavy equipment operator for six years after which he decided to take on the transition process.

The transit does not seem bothersome to those who use their intelligence correctly. Though it may be initially difficult, to put up with the not so disciplined life, like that in the military, yet using the skills that you employed at the military can always give you a great advantage. Strategy, management, leadership and most importantly discipline, are some of your military assets which you should use to your advantage.

To make things easier and smooth the first thing that you must do before the transition is to attend a TAP or Transitory Assistance Program. In this program you are given a clear picture of what the things are that you may be faced with in the civilian life and what are the ways to cope with them. The most important of the lot is your profession, and hence, you are educated on how to attempt interviews, how to prepare your resume and approach any new organization for a job.

After getting the information about employment and training, you need to realise and understand you personal skills and attributes that you have inculcated while at the military. This is vital to your civilian life as it is these that you will be using to make your way through the common man. For instance, if you had already been leading a regiment or managing some area of the military then you should opt and look out for jobs that are of the managerial type. There you will not have to make many adjustments in yourself and therefore not feel out of place.

Aaron Michael Hartfield says in his blogs that it is better if you look out for employers who are in the search of military people to offer their jobs. They completely understand the kind of people the military is and that is how they adjust their work profile. As a matter of fact, they will already have many more ex-military working for them. This makes life for you as a civilian, much simplified and happy.

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