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Friday , 23 February 2018
DC Schools- What Future Do They Hold For Children

DC Schools- What Future Do They Hold For Children

Education is the pathfinder to a whole new life. It gives meaning to one’s life and opens up new avenues. Put in simple words, good education helps a person to be successful in life. That is why parents are desperate to find the best education institutions for their children. Those residing in beautiful Washington DC, too have to come face to face with this uncertainty at some point of their life. For parents who have just moved in here too, finding good schools for their children is a genuine concern. As parents, they can never put the future of their children at stake. Hence, the hunt for the best schools in Washington DC keeps them occupied.

With the Internet at one’s disposal, finding information about schools and colleges is  not a big deal at all. But, as parents who have doubts and queries, just putting their children in any school will not suffice. There are many things that one needs to count before finalizing on a decision. However, word or reference from a person who had been to one of the respected schools or senior year students or alumni members always carry more weight than some basic information gathered from the net. Natalie Walet is a graduate student from one of the well known law schools in DC, and in her opinion, schools in Washington DC are not only great as far as the infrastructure is concerned, but are well-equipped to impart world-class education and training to children. The faculty is good and have expertise to bring out the best in children, help them work on their skills and strengthen the weak areas.

However, just word of the mouth may not be sufficient for a school to emerge as ‘best’ for parents. They want proof. There are certain parameters on which this can be judged. The best way to find out about the quality of education imparted at the Washington DC schools is to weigh the learning that children has received from a particular educational institution. But, what is the way to find this out as measuring a student’s learning over a certain period of time is not easy. Rather, the performance of the student compared to others in the same age group or from other schools can help build a fair idea about the quality of education imparted by schools in Washington DC.

Schools have a median growth percentile to prove their ability to provide quality education. In general sense, a standard school should have 50 as the median growth percentile. However, a growth percentile of 70 is considered as a cut of mark to prove that a particular school is performing better compared to other schools in the same region. Schools with a percentile of 30 indicates that their performance is below the standard, and they need to make improvements.

Parents therefore can refer to the median growth percentile to judge which school in Washington DC would be better for their children. The higher the percentile, the better. But then, this is also not a full-proof method to come to a conclusion. There can be other factors that might effect the median growth percentile. What does this point to? Simple. A school with a lower percentile might be found to cater better to a specific category of students compared to the high-ranking ones.

This is something that Natalie Walet also points out to parents. All praises about her alumni, she does not forget to mention that her educational life has been one of the most enriching ones. It is her education that has helped her gain a recognition in life today. According to Natalie, the right DC school can help pave a golden future for any child, but it also depends a lot on the child or the student to accept and imbibe the learning that they receive.

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