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Monday , 19 February 2018
Dangers To Consider Before Undergoing An Eye Bag Removal

Dangers To Consider Before Undergoing An Eye Bag Removal

Are you ready to undergo Dr Naveen for breast lift or eyebag removal surgery? For sure, you are excited of the outcome! However, have you also prepared for the possible risks?

While eyelid surgery can be an answer for those who have sagging skin, it can also cause common side effects to some patients. Generally, these side effects are quite short in terms of duration and are treatable when it comes toalleviating associated discomfort. In this article, you will learn more about the possible degree of post-operative pain that you can expect from eyebag removal. Also, you’ll get to know the possibility and treatment of or evenas a result of the eyelid surgery procedure.

The pain

Granted, eyelid surgery is considered as an invasive procedure. However, you should bear in mind there is some pain related to post-operative recovery phases. When it swelling comes to the severity of the pain, it will depend on the skill of your surgeon as well as your general health. In an eyelid surgical procedure, your eyelids can feel sore tight and sore while the anesthesia wears odd. Having that said, medication prescribed by a reliable physician needs to be used in order to reduce intensity of the pain and at the same time to alleviate discomfort. There are some patients who are aware of the possible post-operative pain associated with Eyebag removal surgery. This usually includes discomfort and a feeling similar to a windburn or sunburn.


Before you consider to contact a surgeon for a cosmetic surgery Bondi like Dr. Naveen Somia, you should also beware that swelling is likely to occur especially around the incision areas. With that being said, you can make use of iced eye pads or old compresses in order to reduce swelling. However, you need to be extra careful when it comes to applying pads or compresses so that it won’t rupture the incisions. Another effective way to reduce swelling is to keep your head elevated as much as possible. If you experience swelling, it can lead to blurry vision for a couple of days after the surgical procedure. Also, it is advisable to avoid excessive blinking and strenuous activities that can possible increase blood flow to the eyes. This is effective in reducing or even preventing extreme swelling.


Scarring is also a possibility after the procedure. On this account, the skill of your surgeon will likely play a very important factor when it comes to determining the amount of scarring after the procedure. It’s a good thing that there are lots of skilled surgeons who are expert in minimizing the possibility of scaring. Also, it is typically expected that after the eyelid surgery, most scars will likely fade over time and will eventually be inconspicuous to casual observers.

According to some patients, applying vitamin E or aloe veraafter the sutures can be effective in order to reduce scarring. However, application of any creams needs to be done carefully to spare yourself from wounds.


Just like with other surgeries, eyelid surgery has also risks and potential complications that differs in terms of severity. The most severe complications are ectropian, retinal detachment and hematoma. Just in case you are not aware, ectropian is a drooping effect that can lead the lower eyelid to invert thus may need additional surgery for correction.

As you can see, it’s not only the positive outcome that you should expect. You also have to prepare for the possible risks.

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