Friday , 23 February 2018


If you are looking for a budget phone, here’s list of top 10 phones under Rs.15000

For the society, the communication is very important aspect, and hence, over a period various means of communications have been developed. The telephone made people talk to a person sitting in another corner of the world also but with the help of cell phone the things have completely changed. The smartphones introduced new ways of communication with the help of ... Read More »

iPhone 7 Everything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhone

After months of rumours and leaks, the latest iPhones are finally in flesh. Moving with the modern ritual for the month of September, Apple took to the stage to unveil the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and an updated Apple Watch. The company introduced its flagship smartphone with some major tweaks that all iPhone users have been waiting for- upgraded cameras, ... Read More »

Get the best SEO solutions

Having a website is one aspect, but on the other hand it must be made sure that the content of a business’ web page and the web design matches with the company’s product and services offerings. The web page design must be elegant. The website content is the essence of any business. Therefore, various aspects and factors must be carefully ... Read More »

Benefits Of Using Software As A Service

Software as a service or SaaS is actually a distribution model for software consisting of applications. These applications are generally hosted either by a vendor or a service provider which can be availed of by customers over the internet. Simply speaking it refers to any cloud services which enables customers to access different software applications over a known network like ... Read More »

Michael Telvi’s Way to Protect All from Cardiac Arrest

When people in their rush and commitments to other things in life, forget their own health, there might be signs of several other things that they might ignore. So, they may ignore signs of any kind of medical emergency where a certain organ may fail or start failing in a few minutes. Lack of awareness or the lack of medical ... Read More »

Recording in HD with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

Nowadays full HD videos have become the accepted standard and even most of the videos streamed online tend to use that resolution. In the past the big limitation that was stopping people from recording in HD was the fact that it consumed a lot of storage space and bandwidth – but now that people have faster internet connections and larger ... Read More »

7 Steps To Mixing And Mastering

Mixing And Mastering

The mastering process is mostly over looked or brushed aside by the new artist because of the costs involved but this comes at an expense where your audio will suffer. Music-genres, formats, devices, software, and much more has exploded on the scene over the past decade or so due to technology advancements and lowering costs. Mixing and mastering is more ... Read More »

Get Convenient and Easy Property TransactionsWith User Friendly Apps

Housing-Real Estate & Property is enlisted among those prominent and trusted property listingsitesthat makes transaction of rental property much suitable and hassle free for owners as well as tenants. This facility is just one click away from you. It facilitates customers with freeproperty ads postings. Being a premium and leading service provider of property management services, it has experience of ... Read More »

The types and functions of USB adapters

USB adapters are essential for connecting to PC or Mac platforms. You’ve probably seen at least a keyboard or printer you had a serial port instead of a USB port – unless your PC or Mac had a built-in serial port, connecting the two was impossible. If you have recently purchased a peripheral device or have a serial port instead ... Read More »

How A Photoshop Color Wheel Plugin Simplifies The Use Of Color Temperature

Digital artists and painters often rely on color temperature to get their work to look the way they want it to. Sometimes considered a complex idea, the simplest description of color temperature is a characteristic of light that is either blue-toned if it is cool or yellow-toned if it is warm. For any artist who uses the principle of color ... Read More »

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