Monday , 19 February 2018


The Role of Mannequins in Sales: How It Affects Visual Merchandising

The Role of Mannequins in Sales: How It Affects Visual Merchandising

Whether you own a retail store or is a customer, what you see around the store makes you react. If you see pleasing stuff, then you buy them immediately. But if not, then you take some time in thinking about the quality and efficiency of the product. Visual merchandising is one way of catching customers. And if you are a ... Read More »

How to Dress When You are Larger

Are you finding it more and more difficult to look good because of your weight? Have you tried diets and exercises with little or no success? Don’t fret, there is a way that you can look good even when you can’t lose those pounds. It is all in how you dress. Even if you can’t lose that weight before summer, ... Read More »

Why it is Important to Wear Sunglasses

Everyone knows you need to protect your skin from the sun’s deadly ultraviolet rays but did you know that protecting your eyes from those same rays is just as important? According to an article put out by the National Eye Institute not protecting your eyes from the sun can lead to serious consequences including: cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygium which ... Read More »

Kurtis: An Upcoming Trend In Lifestyle

In the present social life conditions, fashion, as we know, keeps on changing on daily basis. Moreover, women fashion apparels are gaining lot of attention in today’s market.Traditional Indian wear with regional embroidery work, prints, and designs based on a particular theme are gaining more popularity. Kurtis are one such type of ethnic wear that women prefer these days because ... Read More »

Fashionable anarkali suits for parties

In this generation people love going trendy with different collection of dress suits, fashion is widely spread everywhere around the world. Especially with Indian people they love to present themselves with unique and elegant collection of dress on every occasion. India is an incredible nation where different languages are spoken around the people. Many religious festival, spiritual ceremonies are celebrated ... Read More »

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