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Friday , 19 January 2018

Benefits Of Using Software As A Service

Software as a service or SaaS is actually a distribution model for software consisting of applications. These applications are generally hosted either by a vendor or a service provider which can be availed of by customers over the internet. Simply speaking it refers to any cloud services which enables customers to access different software applications over a known network like the internet.

These applications can be used by both individuals and organisations and certain well-known examples include Google,, Flikr, twitter etc. This service is of great advantage to big organisations and enterprises as they can be used to fulfil a host of needs like

  • Invoicing and accounting,
  • Planning and tracking sales,
  • Performance monitoring and
  • Communications like webmail, instant messaging etc.

SaaS is also known by its acronym “software on demand” since software applications are made available on rent and the user does not have to buy it. Generally users subscribe to SaaS either on a monthly or annual basis and documents and files are saved on the cloud and not on the computer hard disks of the users.

Advantages of SaaS

Using any software as a service or SaaS application like or even face book etc. has many advantages or benefits like:

  • Since the necessary power of processing required to run the SaaS software applications is provided by the cloud or service provider, there are no extra hardware costs involved in setting it up and using it.
  • Setting up SaaS requires no initial costs as it can be used as soon as a user subscribes to the same.
  • It is also very cost effective since the user only pays for his real-time use and can halt the services or re-subscribe to it as and when required.
  • Since the use of SaaS is scalable, it is very easy to avail of extra storage space or additional services without having to install any new hardware or software.
  • The software or applications that are present in the SaaS get automatically updated whenever an update becomes available on the internet. Hence the user is able to avail the latest and most updated services at no extra cost.
  • These services can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. Hence it can be used across a wide range of devices including laptops, personal computers, tablets and phones etc.
  • These services can also be customised and changed as per the requirements of the user very easily.
  • Since these services are available online, they can be accessed from any such place which has an internet connection.

SaaS is increasingly becoming popular with individuals and organisations due to the host of benefits it provides at unbelievable prices. Hence more and more small and medium businesses and organisations and enterprises are gravitating towards it at a fast pace.

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