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Friday , 23 February 2018
Bangalore and Jaipur – A Visit to Two Major Cities in India

Bangalore and Jaipur – A Visit to Two Major Cities in India

What makes a city like Jaipur so fascinating is the numerous historical sites in the city which draws a huge number of tourists from all over the world whole year round while a city like Bangalore is popular for undergoing drastic changes yet being able to maintain its identity and individuality. This article talks about the two cities.

While India as a country is on a continuous rate of development and progression, somewhere down the line in the midst of all these rigorous development causes a collision course in some cities. Some cities after the development have seemed to lost its ancient charm while most of the major places of interest have been overshadowed by towering corporate buildings and complexes. While this may be the case in most cities, there are some cities still, despite all the development, manage to still preserve the charm of the place in the midst of all the changes it undergoes.

Bangalore, if not the best India, is considered as one of the top cities in the world. The city still manages to keep the title and manages to preserve its charm and everything that comes along with it being regarded as one of the top places in India for tourist attraction and sightseeing. And Jaipur, one of the most sought after tourist destination famous worldwide for its rich historical past and breathtaking monuments. These are the two cities which puts India on the global tourism map and a tour of the two cities can be done easily by the connecting Bangalore to Jaipur flights which operate on a regular basis from both cities up and down.

Bangalore, although considered one of the top metro cities in India, has an edge over the other cities in comparison due to the balance it brings to the table of not being a concrete jungle unlike the other cities. Bangalore has a homely ambience to it and has often been described as the best place to live as the city even in its core is surrounded by lush greeneries and the lanes of the localities are well maintained by clubs and societies bringing a very homely small town feeling in spite of living in a city. There are popular gardens and parks spread all across the city and the sight of boulevards even in some of the most prime and busy locations are a normal sight. A view from a building of at least 5 storeys tall will show you the whole surrounding with greeneries all around your 360 degree view. You will always find enough trees in each direction you look. There are many options of sightseeing in the city and to add the cherry on the cake, lies in close proximity to some of the most divine and pristine hill stations of south India.

Jaipur on the other hand is also on the continuous transition and the city is now filled with multiple shopping complexes and tall offices. Though still a long way to go to be compared to the major cities, Jaipur also despite all its development still manages to preserve its historical sights and makes it not a part of the city but the highlights of the city. Some of the most popular monuments and palaces sit just at the heart of the city where people go about their daily work and pass by. These places are preserved,maintained and watched closely by the tourism government of Rajasthan and you need not even try to look for these places, unlike some cities where the most important historical site are buried and hidden the towering buildings of modern manmade infrastructures.

A visit to these two cities will be an eye opener to your tour of India and make every penny worth and every second of your time well spent. Since they are set apart far geographically it is better advised you take the Bangalore to Jaipur flights which will save you at least two days as opposed to travelling by train.

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