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Friday , 23 February 2018
Anavar: how to take it properly

Anavar: how to take it properly

Anavar is an anabolic steroid taken orally which has widely been used by both men and women for a very long time. Anavar is one of the safest anabolic steroid supplements available on the market which is one of the main reasons for its widespread popularity. Anavar has long been associated with low side effect risks and consistent muscle growth yielding which makes it a favorite amongst bodybuilders. Anavar is innately a dihydrotestosterone with an added oxygen atom that replaces the carbon-2 molecule in the A-ring. This modification makes Anavar intensely anabolic and also gives it immunity from being metabolically broken down within the system;these reactions in turn make Anavar an extremely powerful steroid supplement. Average dosing instructions for therapeutic use of Anavar is somewhere between 5-10mg although for serious performance athletes 50 mg Anavar per day will yield you the best results.

To give you a clear idea of how strong Anavar is the anabolic rating is somewhere from 322 to 630, when compared to testosterone which only has an anabolic rating of 100 this is a huge difference. Given the drastic difference in both of these very popular steroid supplements Anavar has a clear distinction which should lead to significant muscle growth in comparison to the other choices out on the market. Anavar’s main benefit is that of nitrogen retention within the muscle fibers and its ability to inhibit glucocorticoid receptors. The side effects of Anavar are pretty mild, in healthy adults who practice regular exercise you shouldn’t encounter any. For performance athletes who want serious gains then consider dosing with 50 mg Anavar per day in order to achieve maximum results.

When it comes to buying Anavar in the U.S., you need a prescription in order to legally obtain the supplement. Without a proper prescription you will face the risk of possible jail time and imputed fines varying in dollar amounts. While Anavar does contain muscle building properties it is commonly used for cutting due to its strong ability to maintain lean tissue. Increases in recovery rates are notably recognized with the use of Anavar supplementation which is one reason that so many athletes love it. Side effects surrounding the use of Anavar are relatively small; as long as you maintain a healthy diet and regular physical activity you should be fine. One thing to note is Anavar’s C17-aa anabolic rating which means that it carries the potential to cause serious damage to the liver when consumed in excess doses.

Anavar increases strength and overall performance without adding on all of the extra pounds. This can be good for those who are into sports such as track or other sports which require lean muscle mass. Anavar’s main benefit is that of nitrogen retention within the muscles which increases the rate of anabolic performance within the system. Take some time to do your research in order to find out about the best Anavar supplement out on the market for your use.

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