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Monday , 19 February 2018
Allie Busy Preparing Herself for Returning To the Silver Screen

Allie Busy Preparing Herself for Returning To the Silver Screen

Allie Fremin of The Bracelet of Bordeaux fame became an instant celebrity following the release of her first film. To celebrate her success, her father gave her a lavish party on the beaches of San Diego which was attended by most of the well-known faces of the film industry. The party was a success and as the press reporters clamored for the attention of budding actress Allie Fremin her father mildly stepped in to give her relief from the discomforting queries regarding her future plans. He requested them to allow her some time to reply to their questions.

Allie was pleasantly surprised by her father’s move but trusted his instincts. The loving father understood his daughter’s reaction and instead of keeping her in further dilemma advised her that pursuing higher studies is a better idea than continuing with the glamorous path at her age. He cited the examples of many successful actors and famous film industry personalities and explained that wisdom and knowledge are necessary for giving characters that particular level. An actor needs to be intellectually rich to get the winning edge.

Allie Fremin was convinced by her father’s advice and did not even think of doing otherwise. She trusted her father and continued with her higher education. The film industry did not forget her and offers from film directors, ad film makers, TV serials kept knocking on her door every now and then. Allie’s father politely informed everyone who turned up with an offer that his daughter needs some time to prepare herself for the great responsibility of being a seasoned actress.

Allie on her part thanked everyone in her tweets and confirmed that she has not forgotten the people who helped her to stardom. She assured them that their contacts are being saved in her diary and phone with great care for future use. For her fans, Allie Fremin leaves message that she is undergoing training at a leading American film school to hone her acting skills further and plans to return to the silver screen in future to entertain them in a better way. The Bordeaux star is grooming her better and has become cuter.

Allie and her parents are regularly invited in several premier shows and film gatherings which they attend without fail. The talented actress is no longer shy and confidently answers questions thrown at her. Owing to her smart look and answers she quickly becomes the center of attraction. Her sparkling and vibrant personality fascinates the people surrounding her at gatherings. She is extremely polite with her fans and never disappoints them. Her conduct with the film industry colleagues and directors is just right. Her sense of style and dressing is greeted with multiple flashbulbs as the fashion photographers keep on clicking pictures. For now it seems that Allie Fremin is becoming the talented artist that her father wants her to be and all the fans and industry people who are waiting for her return will not be disappointed.

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