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Friday , 23 February 2018
Aipmt Exam Syllabus

Aipmt Exam Syllabus

With aipmt exams heading it way into door steps of 2016; all medical students are surely ready to take their chances to crack the one of the most tough and competitive exams performed by CBSE. The aimpt or All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Test which is also called Neet. Conducted by the Central board of Education; Delhi which is specifically conducted for the admission of the MBBS and the BDS courses over 100’s of Medical colleges all over India.

About aipmt Exam Syllabus:

The aipmt exam syllabus includes differs exam patterns that contains 180 objective type questions and which also includes 4 options for different single correct answer which are the Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Biology includes both Botany and Zoology which needs to be answered on specially designed writing board which has a Ball Point Pen which is only authorized by CBSE.

This exam has been made more students friendly by allowing students to write in exams in or opt for writing in exams in Hindi and English which are the two most used languages over India. And for all candidates who are opting for English they will be provided with English text booklets and those who are opting for Hindi they will be provided with Bilingual.

And incase the students are comfortable with both the languages they will be provided with English as their default language.

There are different criteria of Cities where these exams will be performed which are categorized into 3 different Convenient City codes.

Different Exam Codes for Applying for AIPMT test:

  • The minimum age criteria of the applicant will have to be 17 years or older or the candidate will have to be 17 years of age before the 31st of December which sets along with the admission which should be before the first year of admission.
  • The maximum age a criterion of the applicant is also set to 25years of age which is set by the CBSE board and which should be the given age of 25years before the admission in 1st
  • A relaxation of 5years will be opt for different castes of people belonging to Schedule Caste/ Scheduled Tribes/ Other Bacward Classes and also for people who are born between the given time below:


  1. 01/01/87 to 01/01/2000 for SC/ST/OBC category.
  2. 01/01/92 to 01/01/2000 for any toher category.


  • Also note that students belonging from the States of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh will be opt out of the applying criteria as per the different norms since its inception. And also in regular if they claim their illegibility they will need to file a online form of declation and then and only then they will be inspected and opt for the exam.


Reservation of Seat:


Reservation of seats is also follow under the operation by the CBSE board which is as follows:


  • For SC candidates there will be a reservation of 15% seats.
  • For ST candidates there will be a reservation of 7.5% seats.
  • And for the different non-creamy layer of OBC belonging to the Central Education Institute.
  • For Physically handicap and physically disabled candidates there will be a reservation of 3% seats.

So the candidates who thing they belong to the differentcategories are liable to be categories themselves with the different categories they belong to. But the candidates who refer themselves as enabled will have to apply for the different enabled criteria must provide with the different genuine medical certificate to support their disabilities.


CORE SYLLABUS for the Admission of MBBS/BDS courses under aipmt:


Syllabus for Physics:

  • Physical world and measurement.
  • Law of motion.
  • Work, Energy and Power.
  • Motion of Systems of Particles and rigid body.
  • Oscillations and Waves.
  • Current Electricty.
  • Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism.
  • Electromagnetic induction and Alternative Currents.
  • Dual Natural of Matter and Radiation.
  • Atom and Nucliei.
  • Electronic Devices.


Syllabus for Chemistry:

  • Some Basic Concept of the Chemesty.
  • Structure of Atom.
  • Classifaction of Elements and Periodicity in Properties.
  • Chemical Bonding and molecular structre.
  • Redox Reaction.
  • S-block element
  • Some p-block elements.
  • Organic chemistry – some basic principles and techniques.
  • Solid state
  • Solution Electrolidte

Syllabus for Biology:

  • Diversity of Living world.
  • Structural Organization in Animal and plants.
  • Cell Structure and Function.
  • Plant Physiology.
  • Human physiology.
  • Genetics and Evolution.
  • Biology and Human Welfare.
  • Biotechnology and its applications.
  • Ecology and environment.

So this is the short core syllabus for AIPMT exams. Hope you will do well. Best of luck.

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