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Friday , 23 February 2018
5 Reasons to Choose Security Roller Shutters for Commercial & Residential Areas

5 Reasons to Choose Security Roller Shutters for Commercial & Residential Areas

Roller shutter is a distinct form of window shutter made up of horizontal slats which are hinged together. These shutters can be raised to open and lowered for closing.

  • However, for large doors this operation can be automated. Use of these shutters can offer protection against rain, wind, dirt and dust, but having them as a front door can prevent burglary and vandalism attempts too.
  • There are a wide range of roller shutters available such as insulated, fire rated, industrial, and commercial and security roller shutters.  Each of these shutters offers the same purpose yet are quite different from each other.
  • Now, what makes the security shutters so unique and why should you consider having them at either commercial or residential area? First and foremost, these shutters are durable, they can be operated both manually and with the help of motors, and finally, you can get them in a variety of colors and designs to suit your purpose and budget.

5 Interesting Aspects of Security Roller Shutters

Though there are many aspects that make these shutters one a kind, but here are the top 5 amongst them which help you in knowing more about the properties of these shutters.

  • Versatility: Gone are those days when security shutters were meant just for security, because now you can get the best of everything. Right from insulation, resistance till protection from harsh weathers- they have it all. This is why it is considered to be a versatile accessory for your home or office windows, which delivers the quality that you always desired of.
  • Energy Saving: These shutters even have the ability to save energy by reducing the chances of energy loss that usually occurs from windows. This enhances the performance of the heating or cooling systems used in the house, allowing you to save almost 15% of energy bills per annum. This is something that makes security roller shutters a wise investment for residential and commercial spaces. They keep the interiors super cool during summer, do not let storm break in during monsoons, and stop the heat from getting out during the winters, thus giving you the entire value for money.
  • Weather Protection: With the help of these roller shutters you can easily protect your house or offices from the harsh unpredictable climatic conditions in an effective manner. This is possible because the security shutters are often made up of the finest quality materials like wood, steel alloys, PVC or aluminum, allowing you to have optimal security even during gale rolls or storms.
  • Protection from Intruders: This is an obvious reason that would make anyone choose security shutters. As with the use of these shutters you can have a 100% reliable tool who will remain alert 24X7 so as to provide optimal safety. Another added benefit is that there are even shutter out there which are equipped with different security cameras and recorders that you need.
  • Reduction of Noise: A calm and quiet environment is important for home as well as office areas. And good news is that security shutters can help you in achieving it. The high quality materials of the shutter absorb noise, as a result of which loud noises are unable to enter the area where they are installed.

Which Doors and Windows Require Security Roller Shutters?

When you are planning to install them it is crucial to understand the ideal doors and windows that require protection.

The first and the most obvious spot are your front doors, which often fall in sight when one looks at your house or office. Other than that, you can even have security roller shutters at windows present near the front door, living area or those locations that you think need extra protection. You can also protect your vehicle by installing automatic security roller shutters in front of the garage.

Consider all these tips before choosing security roller shutters. Let’s have a look for more information about security roller shutters for windows and doors.

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