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Friday , 19 January 2018
4 Most Important Factors When Getting Outdoor Playsets For Kids

4 Most Important Factors When Getting Outdoor Playsets For Kids

So, you have decided that an outdoor playset would be a great addition to entertaining your lively kids while developing their physical, mental and social skills. But wait! You need to equip yourself with a few helpful points to be taken into account before making a purchase. And, this page aims to help you.

These days, the world of computers, gadgets and video games have continuously been gaining a wide attention especially among little ones. Regardless of this, you should always integrate outdoor activities into their day-to-day routine. How about buying them a colorful, appealing outdoor playsets from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop to improve their playing experience?

Before that, here are the 4 most important factors you must consider when shopping for an outdoor playset.

  1. Playset Construction

Playsets are made of different materials – wood, metal and recycled materials. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Wooden playsets prove to be a good addition to any backyard. Metal playsets are a good option if you don’t plan to stay in your current home for long. Lastly, sets that are made from recycled materials are a lot easier to maintain. However, you’ll pay a pretty penny.

  1. Safety Features

This is very important as it can potentially ruin the fun in a game. Make sure the construction and design of your chosen sets have safety features to maintain a fun playing experience throughout the day. Check if the edges are capped or covered without any exposed sharp or rough edges that may cause scratch or injury. Other safety features like guide railings, long lasting swing swivels and non-slip steps are also essential to your buying guidance and consideration.

  1. Space

Safety is important, right? So, make sure the space you’ll be putting the playset in is enough to accommodate your kids. Even the smallest sets require at least six feet of space surrounding it. Also, you need to check for electrical wires or low hanging twigs that might block your child from using the playset.

  1. Installation

Will you install the playset on your own, or include it in your cost? You’re lucky if you can install the item yourself, but make sure to equip yourself with the right tools needed to complete the job. The installation process can take up to forty hours, depending on how complex the playset is. However, it is still recommended to buy an item that covers installation in your buying cost.

There you have it, the four most important factors when buying a playset for your cute munchkin. Don’t forget to ask your supplier about the product’s maintenance such as service warranty periods. A wooden set might need repaint after some years to keep an attractive look and safe use.

Still uncertain where to shop? The amazing selection of durable kids outdoor playsets at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop is such a real cost-saver to your investment! These are available in different colors and designs that any kids will love and enjoy playing. Shop now with these important factors in mind!

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